Notifications when files are added/uploaded to a board

One of our board users is requesting a notification whenever a file is uploaded to the board. Is there an automation for this? To clarify: we are using the board to track a process that involves back and forth conversations and requests resulting in supplemental materials. She wants to be notified whenever supplemental files are added and ready for review. We do not want to utilize a status change because there could be multiple files added and reviewed before the final approval results in a status change and advancement to the next phase of the process.


Though not exactly what you asked for, this custom automation will get you close and is very easy:

If you want to notify on Adds only or add additional logic, you would need to use Make/Integromat or similar. I use a simple scenario on a board that has one other person using it. We are each notified only when the other person uploads a file.

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