Number Formatting in Subitem Subtotal Column

Hi, I haven’t found such discussion yet so I would appreciate some advice/insight here…

I have a column with subitems summed up and I would like to change formatting to numbers with limited digits visible 1 or 2 for example… (I’m also using conversion rates and hence it’s too many digits 3+ is visible in the sum number) and it’s confusing as it’s hard to read the number. Any way to change formatting?

Also one more question also regarding subitems sum column - is there any way to show total per group/board for the column which is summing up subitems in it?

Thanks a lot for help here!

Hi @SuperSve !

I think if I am understanding your question correctly there are a few things that we can do to help you out.

The first part of your question is to round the digits in your number column.
Number and Formula

You can do that by creating a formula to read that number column and then round using the following formula:

ROUND({number column}, #of decimals)

Ex. ROUND({123.456}, 1) = 123.5

The second part of this question is how to get a summary of a group or board. To get the group/board summary, click on that formula’s option menu ("…") and then click “show summary on parent item” you can then see a full summary on the group level.

You can then use that information to pull into a numbers widget on the board also to see a full board summary.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks a lot! It worked and gave the solution I was looking for! :wink:

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