Only show "low" ratings on a dashboard

Hi all, I did search for this but couldn’t find the answer! I’ve got a dashboard that I’m outputting data widgets to but I’m struggling with one.

The data is all “Ratings” so between 1 & 5* and intended as a Competency Matrix. I’d like to have a data output that shows only those <4, so in theory, development areas. I’ve tried formulas, but it doesn’t look right as it adds the column up. I’ve also tried in the settings of the data widget but can’t seem to get it right. :frowning:

Any ideas?

Hi @ahunter18 - could you not just set a filter on the dashboard or widget to only show ratings < 5?

Hope this helps!

Hi @mark.anley Thanks for this! I guess I could, but the problem is there are 30+ questions and I don’t think it’s as simple as select all, so I’d need to add 30+ filters. I was hoping there was an easier way!

Hi @ahunter18 - okay, I see. So are you looking to only show responses where the average of all ratings is < 5?

Thanks for your help @mark.anley it’s really appreciated. To give you an example, I’m looking at asking behavioral questions to a team member and asking them to rank themselves between 1 & 5. I’d like to be in a situation where we could filter out all over 4/5 (they are awesome at it, right!) and focus on those they need to develop. I’d like to have a widget for “development areas” If that makes sense.

Basically, I’d like to only show those between the median line

To clarify, the above is just me testing the system and no actual names or responses are captured.

@ahunter18 - I cant think of a way to do this outside of setting the filters for each question. However, you only have to do it once :slight_smile:

Thanks @mark.anley just tried it, painfully. It works for one filter, but adding lots of them just confuses the system and it doesn’t work. You need to do the undernoted and it just doesn’t filter out.