Optimisation for time tracking & resource planning

HI All,

We are looking to speak to a monday.com expert about our current setup and ways in which we can change what we do to improve the following:

  • Resource planning & visibility across individual members + departments
  • Capacity planning
  • Time tracking for multiple team members
  • Timesheets, time at an individual level across multiple projects

Due to the limitations of the time tracking column, we have multiple columns across boards for people to track their time to pulses for projects. However, we are unable to see time on an individual basis and this makes capacity planning and reporting very difficult.

We would love to see how we can optimise monday.com to keep everything in one place.
We are currently looking at Harvest instead as we have the ability to see overall team capacity, time tracking at an individual level, and much more.

It would be great to speak to someone on a one-on-one basis to review our current setup and talk through what is and isn’t possible.

Thank you


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Hi @HannahKnight

my name is Renae, I am from upstream, a Platinum Partner of monday.com- my team and I specialise in doing exactly this. Being monday.com experts for over 5 years now, my team definitely have the knowledge and experience to know what can be done on monday, as well as knowing how to push it to it’s limits and get the absolute most out of it.

Would love to set up a call and see how we can assist you to do so. If you wanted to shoot me an email at renae@upstreamtech.io we can look to set up a time.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Hi @Renae-JTsCloud, thank you for your response. I’ve sent you an email :slight_smile:


Hi @HannahKnight - there are definitely some solutions we could work with to make all these key metrics more visible for you and the team.

A little about us, we are a certified monday.com implementation partner and have been helping customers in a variety of industries get up and running and also optimize their current solutions. Everything we do is monday! Each of our Llamas are skilled in Development, Analysis, Project Management and Training.

We like to start with a complementary discovery session to go through your requirements, but also to ensure we are the best possible fit. If you would like to continue you can book your preferred time here: Book A Discovery Session - Green Llamas Consulting

Also, check us out online to learn more about what we do!

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Thank you @mark.anley . I have booked something in with you and am keen to see what can be done!

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Hannah we can help. Sending you a PM

Thanks @HannahKnight - Looking forward to it!

Hi Hannah,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

Hi @Andrew1 , we are still looking. Would you mind messaging me some more information on this? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @HannahKnight !

I am sure we can help you find the solution best suited to your company’s needs.

We at thespelas.com have many a year of experience working with monday, having worked with companies from most industries from all over the world.

We are experts at providing customized solutions tailored to each of our client’s needs, implementing complex integrations, creating time-saving automations and providing most informative high level views.

We would be very happy if you booked a complimentary consulting session with us here so you can better explain your needs and expectations to us.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Best regards,
Giannis , Implementation Consultant for thespelas.com

Hey there @HannahKnight, I figured I would also throw my hat in the ring!

I work with the team at CarbonWeb and we are monday.com Channel Partners. We specialize in process workflows and custom solution development while also doing our best to create as many end-to-end solutions for monday as possible. We do this through our Suites which utilize all native automations and integrations.

We have come up with some savvy solutions that I believe can be used as a baseline for your project. If you’d like to connect and learn about how you can leverage our team please grab some time with me here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck as you continue working on this!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
Schedule Consultation | Website
Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email : ricky@carbonweb.co

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