Please give us a Client Profile tool!

Hey Monday Team! I have a feature request I think would help many people with creating a core project management flow that would help both project managers and clients alike.

We would really like a Client or Company to be added in a new category that operates much like People (Users). The reason for this include the following:

  • Just like we have the People and Teams column, we’d like a Client column so that we can assign new inbound project pulses to a client.
  • We would like to create a Client profile much like a User profile so we can use their logo, include contact info, etc… AND MOSTLY so we can use this for board automation features.
  • The way we see this in-use primarily has to do with automations. We’re a high volume design and marketing agency that deals with many inbound client requests. Our project manager will receive inbound projects either through HubSpot project-close integrations, through a Monday form via our Clients portal, or will manually enter the new pulse as in inbound project request.
  • Within our primary “project inbound” board, the project manager must identify which client and which creative pros to assign the project to.
  • If they were able to assign a Client just like they assign a Team or a Person, it would give us a very important variable for board automation… Like so:
  • Upon assigning a Client to an inbound project, that project would be automated to copy the pulse to a Shared Board the client can see, so they can track progress.
  • We would mirror that column then to the assigned Creative’s (User) Board, where they then would manage their own workflow to meet the deadline.
  • This would ideally allow the project manager to assign the project to the right creative team and the right shard client board so they can track progress as the project progresses.