Potential fix for mirrored columns and permissions issues

This could potentially solve problems with regard to mirrored columns and shared boards as well as published views.

It’s clear that a lot of monday users are creating master items on one board and mirroring statuses from that board to another board. That board may be shared or have a shared view but everyone is running into the same issue of not being able to see the mirrored columns.

One solution for this could be to allow the master board to grant acces to a secondary board. The same way mirrored columnd are looking for a person to have access to the main board item to veiw it on the secondary board, simply granting the entire board access could then open up that mirrored column for viewing either on the baord its self or in a web published view.

The premissions dialogue could have several options including granting view only or view and edit access. The permissiosn of the secondary board or that board’s view would then be used to further restrict access to the information.