Problem with timelines changing by themselves in project


I have one issue which is majorly effecting my purchasing.

I have build one project with dependency and also add timelines. But automatically my timelines are shifting.

My whole project shifting and even the task names are automatically shifting.

Need urgent support on this

Hi @Ankush - if you have dependencies set up you likely also have an automation set to move the timelines of dependent tasks when the top task is changed. This is by design and one of the features of dependencies. If you dont want the dates to move, check your board automations for the following and disable it.


As for the task names shifting…that shouldn’t happen unless you have some strange dependencies setup and a sort on the timeline column.


But why my project starting date is changing when i am changing below to other dates.

Or is it possible to connect anyhow. so that i can describe my situation better?

or Is multiple dependencies causing this issue. Because one of my few tasks have two dependencies