Product based template and tasks overview

I would like to ask about insights for my product based approach.

I have created a workspace named “Brand XXX” and inside that workspace I have a template board that I’m duplicating.

This template is product based with a name “Product YYY”.

So the basic layout looks like this:

  1. Workspace “Brand XXX”:
  • Board “Product XXX-111”
  • Board “Product XXX-222”
  • Board “Product XXX-333”
  1. Workspace “Brand ZZZ”
  • Board “Product ZZZ-111”
  • Board “Product ZZZ-222”
  • Board “Product ZZZ-333”

In each board there are certain tasks

I would like to have a separate board/dashboard/place where I can look up a combined list of tasks assigned to certain “Editor”.

So I’m going to “Editor ABC” board/dashboard and can see there that “Editor ABC” has a new/working on/done tasks from boards “Product XXX-111, XXX-222, ZZZ-111, ZZZ-222” etc.

And then I’m going to “Editor ZXC” board/dashboard and can see that “Editor ZXC” has a new/working/done tasks from boards “Product XXX-333, ZZZ-333” etc.

These tasks are linked. So when I go to “Workspace Brand ZZZ → Product ZZZ-333” and assign task “3D model” to “Editor ABC” and change it’s status to “Working on it” then I can go to “Editor ABC” board/dashboard and can see that he is working on a task “3D model” from board “Product ZZZ-333”.

I have no idea if I explained this clearly, please ask additional questions.

I’m willing to hire someone to help me set this up as long as it will work in a correct way with automations and such.

Best regards

Hi @chaostheory - Welcome to the community!

I believe I understand what you want to do, but being able to get on a Zoom and screenshare to walk through your setup would be quite helpful. My company Polished Geek is a product-certified partner with monday․com and I’d love to help you do more with monday․com! Here’s a link where you can book a time with us to chat about your product management workflow: Book Polished Geek: more with

~ Deb Cinkus