Programatically enable Integrations?

Hello All,

I am using the Monday SDK to create a board from a template. This is working correctly.

there are 5 automations on the template which copy across successfully and are active.

However, the integration which is intended to fire when a new item is created doenst get copied.

I cant see a way to automate this. Can you point out what I am doing wrong?

thanks in advance.


Welcome to the community. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. Integrations do not carry over when duplicating from templates. There are all developments (like seamless authorization) that are a good step in the direction but still there is a difference between automations and integrations.

Maybe can shine some more light here.

Thanks for the welcome.

its a bit of a pain, as the integeration is a key function component to the template and is a process that will be repeated for each staff member.

It would be good to be a property of the integration replicate = true…

Or an option on the create_Board call.

Thanks for the confirmation anyway.

Have you tried to build a “workspace template” app? It is pretty simple, no coding skill required at all. I did not fully test it but it might carry over integrations from the boards inside the workspace.

Hey and @basdebruin

I’m afraid at the time, this is the expected behavior of the platform as integrations do not duplicate when duplicating or creating boards from templates. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

This is something we are considering to adjust on our end, but i want to be transparent with you as I am not able to commit to an ETA or even a rough timeline just yet. I hope that makes sense.


OK thanks Alex,

Will have to look into macro recorders, see if we can implement a key click solution.

Cheers. Merry christmas.