Programmatically construct link to board with filters applied

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I’ve got a board view which contains a summary of the board data which will be grouped based on a few columns. I’d like to be able to link the summary group to the main table with filters selected to only show those items.

I can see how to construct a URL to the board view, but not how a link could be constructed to have filters pre-selected.

Is there any advice out there for this? I know a lot of the filtering happens client side, but the filter=XQAAAAKtAAAAAAAAA.... string appears to be opaque?

The only other post I’ve been able to find related to this is an old feature request: Link from one board to a filtered list on another board

Hello there @benhowes,

We do not officially have a way to construct said URL at the moment, so no advices from our end :slightly_smiling_face:


The search term is easily discoverable in the query params.


It would be enough to know how the filter param is generated.
After all, the param is generated by a JS function.


Hello there,

I checked this with the team and they said that when using rule base filter, the rules are complex and we save the rules as a base64 string. At the moment, we do not have advices about this.


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Thanks for the replies!

I did recognise the string as being base64, and thought perhaps I could construct something similar, but it appears to me upon decoding it (and having a scan of the compiled javascript) that perhaps it’s encrypted before being base64 encoded?

Either way, it seems clear that currently this is not something I can build in to an app, so please count this as a feature request! Ideally I’d like to be able to make use of existing monday UI when building apps rather than having to re-implement a (worse) version of a table view.

Thanks again for looking in to this Matias, and to Roberto for your input too

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Request created @benhowes :grin:

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