Project Management Hierarchy

We are an environmental compliance consultancy and have projects which have the below hierarchy:
Customers–Facilities–Contracts–Job Codes–Jobs Codes instances (one per frequency period)–Tasks–Sub Tasks
I would like to know how to architect the boards to take care of it functionally and for reporting.

Hi There!

We have a lot of expertise in the PMO world especially complex portfolio management!

Some things to think about with your structure would be:

  • Do you have a database that allows to host the majority of this information?
  • Are these projects big enough to constitute a board per project?
  • How do you initiate the projects to ensure they go under the right hierarchy?

Happy to walk you through these and help you understand in a consult how this might look as this is a common application but is custom to each customer.

Please reach out and we can walk through how this might look!

Mike B
Automation Architect