QR Code Item tracking App

Hi there :wave:,

Skiply is a Monday.com customer for years, and we decided to start building Apps with the Monday App Challenge.

The QR Code ITem Tracking App answers to a need that we had internally in the factory.

You can follow an order or an asset just by scanning 2 codes. For instance, when the order arrives in the shipping zone, the worker scan the order QR Code, and then, he scan the QR code associate with the shipping zone. It can update a status column, or a text column, depending on the recipe.

Your worker spare time, because they do not need to have a working station or to connect directly to Monday.com in the workshop. And you spare money, because equivalent systems cost a lot (specific scanner linked to ERPs).

You need to register to a free Ubiqod account (see the doc).

We made a detailed documentation and presentation here: https://www.skiply.eu/en/monday-com-app-qr-code-item-tracking/


This looks very interesting.
What’s the pricing for this?

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Hi @nealb,
This one is free if you use the status column only (= if you use the codes of the Monday board view). The free tier also includes 10 “text codes” from our backend (If you want to update a text column with a free text). Send me a PM if you need more.


Heyooo @jeromeskiply :wave:

This is definitely an awesome app and I was very impressed seeing this released myself :slight_smile: Awesome tool that makes monday.com even more versatile and flexible for our users - I love the TON of extra value you’ve added with this one.


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This technology has so much application, not only in manufacturing, but also transport and logistics, as well as service providers across a huge range of industries.

Well done in bringing this technology to market!

I’m sure that many here can benefit from this particular integration that you’ve made available to the monday.com platform.

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Hi there :wave:,
We implemented a couple of new features after listening to user’s feedback:

  • You can now generate a direct QR Code Link to an item (that will open the item in the Mobile App for instance) like this: https://youtu.be/fvCM7Bu9ioQ
    This request was made by users who want to track orders in a factory or on construction sites. This feature doesn’t even request a Skiply account.
  • We add a new recipe that generates a tracking code when pressing a button (for status and test tracking)
  • We add the item a text at the bottom of the QR Code to avoid any confusion when printing it.




Big thanks to Jerome from Skiply for their open mind, reactivity in order to find solution to our question initially ask to Monday team.
Using QR code printed on our construction drawing, we could find easy pulse on our mobile in order to update, upload document or photo, quality inspection report etc…It is very useful, specially when we are on construction site.
Many thanks!!!
Now we have to find a solution In order to print directly from monday sticker with QR code…

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We are exploring the possibility of adding this feature to our inventory management process. How many unique QR codes can be generated and used at one time? We have 2,500 items needing to be tracked at once.

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Sky is the limit. I sent you a private message.

@jeromeskiply have you guys programmed a way to massively print out the QR codes that have been generated by each new item/row?

We would like to implement the use of QR’s, however, we would like to find a fast way to print (with a thermal labeler) out a large number of QRs without too much manipulation. I know you can download a zip file with all the QRs from a group, however opening each png inside the zip file seems very tedious.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this!

Hi @Yu1992
@gleurent had the same need. We solved it by providing the url of the tracking link instead of the qr code itself (dedicated recipe). Then, they export it to Excel, and the printer generates the code from the link. Alternatively, you can use an Excel plugin to generate the qr code.
I hope this helps.

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