Querying Formula column values

Just curious if there are plans to support querying Formula column values via API. I don’t see anything on the Roadmap board. I see another post from a year ago. Is this not on the radar? It would be extremely useful!

Hello there @jsararas!

Our team knows that this is a feature that would be beneficial to some users and it is being taken into account :slightly_smiling_face:

Having said that, it is not something that is set for the nearest future.

I will add your vote to it!

If this is deployed, it will be posted in our changelog


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Hello here,

Getting the calculated values is only the first step in my (experienced) opinion.

You want to be able to use the calculated data as any other data from an other column.

Most of the time it means handling it as a specific kind of data: Date, Number, People, Text, etc.

If you just get the values without that Data Type context you will still be limited, although less than today of course.

Please consider voting for this feature that explains how to achieve this:

Kind Regards,
Laurent, CRM & monday.com dev (and previously BI Analyst)

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@LaurentConroux This is a real gap in the API’s capabilities. We need to be able to get the value calculated in a formula column. Why would we set up formulas that we then can’t get the results of with the API? That means we have to replicate a calculation in another platform. This issue has been brought up several times in the past several years. Any progress?

Only monday knows, but most of us are waiting for it.

Apologies @LaurentConroux I thought from your signature that you were a dev at Monday.com working on this, but yea we’re in the same boat it seems.

Hello @lebmelvin!

This feature request has been shared with our team and each vote to it has been added.

Having said that, I do not have an ETA on when this could change.

If it does, you will see it in our changelog.


Hi @Matias.Monday, @lebmelvin, @LaurentConroux & @jsararas!

I’ve created an endpoint that returns all the formulas values and also handles heavy payloads of over 2000 items per board.

Here a quick guide:

I really hope this helps

This is an age old feature request. For a platform that prides itself on being programmable it’s quite odd that we can’t use the results of our formulas programmatically.
After all this time the answer may just be it’s not in their best interest to give us this feature.
It is in our best interest to help each other find a platform that allows this feature. Please let the rest of us know if you find anything.