Question re: Exporting Existing Board, editing, re-importing

I’m needing to replicate a board, but want to adjust the duplicates with slightly different wording in the item titles (e.g. adjusting word “M1” from original board to “M2” in duplicate board). This type of editing task in Monday is very cumbersome, and I tried exporting the board into Excel, edit the titles using find/replace, and then re-import. However, the re-imported board looks like a mess. Is anyone aware of a workaround solution to what I’m trying to accomplish? Thanks in advance!

Hello @ericmoss,

You can use the Find and Replace feature of the Toolkit app for that.

Select your board, the Name column, and then in the next step, fill in the find and replace values.

Hi Alfred- Thanks for your recommendation. Unfortunately, your app’s find/replace feature only works on groups/items, not subitems. We use a significant # of subitems, so I don’t think the app will fit our needs.

Hi Alfred- Forgive me, I’ve just figured out how to find/replace subitems. That said, are you able to verify if the pricing is by the total members of an account, or by those who use the app?

Hello @ericmoss, glad you have found the way to work with subitems in the app because the app certainly supports subitems. The pricing is by the total members in an account.
If you have any questions about the pricing or about the app, you can always reach out at