RACI charts and My Work view

I have created my first RACI chart for boards that are dedicated to specific projects at my public library. I’ve been successful at getting everyone to look at My Work for the things they are assigned across multiple boards: for example, we have meeting agenda boards for several different committee groups but each member can see everything that is expected of them across our entire workspace in My Work. It’s great.

However this new RACI chart for specific projects at first glance looks like it might blow that all out of the water: assigning a person to any of the RACI columns causes the task to appear in their My Work regardless of which column they are assigned to.

Is there a way I don’t immediately see that I can filter My Work for everyone so they will only see tasks and due dates which their name is attached to in the Responsible/Accountable column of a particular project’s board, not tasks they assigned to be Consulted or Informed about?

You could have Responsible/Accountable column as People columns and Consulted/Informed columns as Text columns with their names.

This is a good suggestion and would solve that problem. I think I could have a procedure where those that are Accountable tag those that are Informed in updates on the task to get around automating the informing part with this workaround.

Or, the other alternative would be to have each individual filter out project boards that they are only informed or consulted on in their My Work. Not being able to automate everything for everyone (particularly as it pertains to notifications) is something I’ve had to get used to already with this tool which is all right for us at this point.