Receiving Ninja Form submissions in Monday account

We use Monday for all of our project management and communication and would like to set up a board that would receive for submissions from our website. We use Ninja Forms with Monday integration through the Zapier add-on on a WordPress website. Any assistance on how to go about getting this set up in our Monday workspace would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

hi @DrewShollmier

Welcome to this community! If I understand correctly you are using the Ninja Forms plugin on your WordPress website. Are you using a specific plugin on your website to communicate with Zapier or is your Zapier account connected to both your website and

If it is connected to both worlds you should be able to create a Zap that triggers on forms submission (if Zapier recognize that) or else on post creation.

From there you should be able to connect to your account in Zapier.

Thank you for the welcome @basdebruin! That is correct and I have both currently set up and communicating with I’m just not sure what I need to create on the end to test out receiving messages created and submitted from my Ninja Form on the website.

Hi @DrewShollmier
I’m not a Zapier expert but I assume Zapier is using the API and therefore you don’t have to do anything on the monday side of things. In Zapier you need to add the monday Zap and user there update module to update you monday board.

@basdebruin It sounds like I already have that being that the communication between the two apps seems to be working. I only need to figure out what I need to do on the Ninja Forms side as a call to action where submitting from the form goes into rather than to an email address.

@basdebruin In speaking with Zapier support, they say I may need to create specific fields in Monday. Please see their advice below.

You may need to add additional fields in Monday for those to appear in the Zap editor. (refresh the Zap Editor after you do)

You can use static values, dynamic variables, or a combination in a field.
NOTE: As shown below would create a value that reads: NameDrew Shollmier

You likely don’t want the static “Name”, and if you did you’d likely want to add a space between the static value and mapped variable.

Help article about how to change the trigger test data: Change the test data in your Zap trigger | Basics of creating a Zap | Create | Help & Support | Zapier

Any Idea how best it is to input content into fields in my Monday to be picked up by Zapier per their support’s suggestion?

hi @DrewShollmier

This goes beyond my knowledge :slight_smile:. In Integromat you can just add monday modules to update column values on items. Don’t understand why Zapier asks you to create specific fields. Don’t even understand what kind of fields they are referring to.

Hey @basdebruin

Understood, thank you. Where do I go about adding modules? Are these called by a different name in Monday itself?

Sorry @basdebruin. I assume you’re talking about Make (Integromat) for creating Monday modules. Are you saying this would be a better solution than using Zapier or in addition to?

hi @DrewShollmier I am really not the right person to comment on Make(Integromat) vs Zapier. I hope that other people can comment on this.

@basdebruin Thank you for your honesty. I’m hoping for the same as I need to get a resolve to this issue.

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