Webform + Podio + Monday.com

I’m wondering if anyone would have some comments or feedback on this approach. We’re implementing a process that looks like this:

  1. a new project idea is submitted via a multilingual web form
  2. a record of that project idea submission is recorded as a new item in Podio (our system of record).
  3. a record of that project idea submission also creates a new item in monday.com on an existing board (for example “Project ideas”) and an existing group (“new submissions to review”)
  4. a notification is sent to Slack to let us know there’s a new submission to review
  5. when the item is updated on monday.com (for example updating the status and moving it to a “Scoping” group), I need the status of the corresponding Podio item to be updated as well.

I’ve experimented a bit with this.
I can use a Podio form to create new item in Podio. Then Zapier to create the item in monday.com. There’s an automation in monday.com that takes care of the Slack notification (no point in doing this in Zapier since monday.com can handle).
I also managed to use Zapier, triggered by a status update in monday.com, to find and update the item in Podio. (I’m searching based on the item title right now, which is probably not a great idea, but it’s good enough to prove the concept)

I’m still debating what to use for the web form. I need it to be in English and French, and as far as I can tell the form tools in Podio and Monday.com don’t have a good way to handle this. Any suggestion on possible ways to do multilingual forms in monday.com would be welcome!

If anyone has done this kind of integration between Podio (or equivalent, I think I only found 8 previous posts that included ‘podio’ here!) and monday.com, do you have any recommendation?
For example, I’m wondering if using a monday.com form to create the item there first, and then using Zapier to create the item in Podio, would be better from a data integrity perspective than the other round (Podio first).