Recurring/repeating tasks

This isn’t a solution and shouldn’t be marked as such.
Regarding point 1, this is a messy solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist. The fix to this would be to allow status changes from a time period trigger.
This would mean you could mark an item as ‘Completed’ and then on the first of the month for example, change the status back to ‘To be completed’.

This allows for you to have a job, mark specific parts as completed, complete the entire job for the month and then have it reset so the same item can be used next month. It works for now but is far more clunky and uses more automations than I would like.

This is all we need until a proper recurring tasks option can be made available?

I agree with the folx on this chat that the workarounds are not viable - certainly not for the number of client and client boards we have at our company. We’re probably going to leave Monday over this, which is sad because I like so many things about this platform and their customer service is terrific. But recurring tasks should be a no-brainer core feature of a project management platform…that fact that it is not there and that it can only kinda sorta maybe be achieved through advanced workarounds is just staggering.