Request for help with a formula

Hello everyone,

I am trying to integrate a formula into a table without success.

Let’s take the column A which contains for example 2 types of values: values that add 1 and values that subtract 1.
For example, “apple” has the value 1, “pear” has the value 1, “potato” has the value -1 and “courgette” has the value -1.

I would like to find a formula that allows me to say "If in my column I have checked “apple” and “pear”, the result is equal to 2. If I have checked “apple” and “courgette” my result is equal to 0. If I ticked “pear”, “potato” and “courgette” then my result is -1.

I have tried with the SI, SWITCH formula but I can’t find it. Can you please help me?

Hi @lucyprr - my first thought was to not complete this in a formula but via connected boards column and a mirrored total. Basically, if you had a separate board that contained all these values (Pears, Apples, etc) with a numeric column to specify the value (1, -1, etc) you could choose all the various items and have a mirror to the numeric column that would summarize the value, basically doing the math for you.


This may be a good approach depending on how many items you have as a formula could get pretty crazy.

Hope this helps!