Same day dependencies

I like to put all my key dates into one group at the top of a board so that they are readily to hand and can be quickly changed. Then, in groups further down the board, I can simply reference those key dates as needed by inserting a new item that copies the relevant key date. However, when I try to do this using the Dependencies column, it automatically shifts the dependent date forward by one day. How do I set it up so that the dependent date is the same date as the key date in the top group?

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Welcome to the community! I don’t think that is possible out-of-the-box as monday will always start with the next day for the dependent item. That is because monday does not support a Start-Start dependency relation. There is an app offered by our partner Work Perfect (contact @Kimb) that does support Start-Start (and many other features, like lag). Below is an example of such a setup:

As you can see the dependency type is a status column and dependency types can be mixed in the same board.


Thank you @basdebruin. Yes, @MOC feel free to email me at kim@workperfect.up and we can discuss :)!

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Thank you very much for your respective replies, @basdebruin and @Kimb. I doubt that I am at the point yet where I need the app - as great as it sounds - but now I know of what it is capable of doing, I will certainly keep it in mind. Thank you both once again.

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