Seeking a Script Runner-like Feature in for Custom Behavior, Column Management, and Type Conversion

Hello everyone,

I previously used JIRA software which had a feature called Script Runner. This allowed me to employ Groovy scripts to implement some tailor-made behaviors in the software. I am now using and I need a similar capability.

To give you a clearer picture: I have columns labeled “start-date” and “end-date” in Monday. Whenever I input values into these columns, I’d like to perform specific operations on them. For instance, I want to add a constant to these values, convert their type, and then place the result in another column named “computed-Value”. Crucially, I need the flexibility to change the type of the result to any of the existing column types available in the Monday.

Additionally, I also need the ability to programmatically add new columns based on certain conditions or triggers.

Does anyone know if such functionality exists in Monday or if there’s a workaround to achieve this? Any guidance or references would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hello there @Mvrtin and welcome to the community!

I hope you like it here :muscle:

You can use our Apps framework to create an app with native or custom triggers and actions as explained here. You can also use our webhooks as explained here.

You can “listen” for changes in specific columns and then use a native action if that action happens in monday and is supported, or create your own custom action for something that is not supported as a native action.

You might need to use our API as well. you can find the documentation here, and some Postman examples here.

You can add columns via API as explained here. The creation can be triggered with a trigger from an app, or from a webhook.

I hope that helps!


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@Mvrtin i would ask Adaptavist if they are building a Scriptrunner for

They probably are, as they are partners now too.


We’re fully remote but we want to know how David has our offices bugged :grin:

@Mvrtin , I’d love to discuss your needs in more detail for a project we may or may not be working on!

Stay tuned!


@Mvrtin hello, great news! :slight_smile:
This week ScriptRunner team launched the Advanced Automations for

This tool functions similarly to JIRA’s ScriptRunner, allowing you to employ scripts to implement custom behaviors in your boards. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions or need further assistance.

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I’m interested in checking it out but there’s no documentation of it I can find. Can you point me to any?

@JoeH, Adaptavist have some documentation here: