Simplified Printing of Individual Pulses (All Information)

After 10 years of using an older ticket system, we finally made the switch to Monday a few months ago. Lots of features that are very useful to us, but one area that is lacking the the ability to print an individual pulse in a ‘printer friendly’ way that contains all the column info in an easy to read format.

We use Monday from everything to scheduling appointments, to trouble tickets, and new installs. It would be helpful if we could take individual pulses and print them out in a ‘page’ type format, which would listed all the columns and relevant info on a single page, which we could then attach to equipment or use for other needs. The closest thing we can get is the vertical layout (when you click on a pulse in calendar view, for example):

But there is still too much info to grab in a snip to paste, but something along this avenue would be great.

This Is a must have too…

I’ve always been frustrated that this basic functionality doesn’t exist. I always end up creating/printing screenshots of the pulse.