Status change by returned comment

Having issues getting this to work correctly.

Automation 1 -
Press button which posts a comment and changes status to “Need Info” comment is directed to person listed in person column.

Automation 2 -
When comment is made “which would be the reply for info needed”, and status is set to “Needs Info” change status to “Info Back”

The issue I am having is sometimes Automation 1 leaps frogs the comment or status change and will change itself to Info Back, while sometimes it won’t. We don’t want it to change at that point.

We also have a person column as noted which could be used to trigger only when comments back are made by this person change the status to info back, but I’m not seeing a way to accomplish that.

I appreciate any guidance or ideas on how to accomplish this.

Hey Jared!

Without seeing the automation flow in action, my first thought is the reason it is leapfrogging is because your action is a “do this AND do this” so they trigger at the same time, leading one to go ahead of the other at times.

If you want there to be a clear order of events, you might want to create separate automations instead of adding multiple actions for the same automation recipe trigger.

For example, in automation 1, perhaps you need to make two or three separate recipes here:

  1. Press button > post comment
  2. When comment posted > change status to Need Info
  3. When status changes to Need Info, person is notified

Does this help?

When you mention comments, are you referring to the Updates Section? Unfortunately, there is not a way to specify in an automation trigger who is the person who wrote in the Updates.

But I would love to understand what you are trying to accomplish here so I can suggest some better workarounds for you! Let me know what you think!

Thanks, breaking this up did help seems to be working well.