Status Changes with Forms

Hi there,

I have created a form to populate a board for a weekly schedule. The status’ are IN OUT Holiday and the normal. I have created workflows so that if the status changes, it changes another column in the same board. This works if i manually change the status. However, if i submit the form, and the status changes from the form population (which it should) the workflow does not work, and the automation of the status change does not change the conditioned workflow.

Anyone else experience this?

hi @DawnRuss

It think this is because technically spoken the status did not change when you enter a form. The item is created with a given status value. As the status value never changes the automation would not trigger.

You can try a custom automation “When item is created and only if status is something…change another status to something”

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much. I used “When item is created and only if Status is STATUS NAME increase NUMBER Column by VALUE”

Now my rules work :smile:

I can now have guests raise forms providing their weekly shifts and calculate the hours they are working via the status column with a workflow conditioning the value against the status. Greatly appreciated

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In Angular we have observables which subscribe to form value changes. what you have to do is, subscribe to the form instance and detect any changes to the form . Suppose you don’t want to include save button on your form. whenever user change any thing in the form save data to the server.