Strict dependencies (need to be adjustable according to some restrictions)

I am currently working on a project involving a workflow board that represents the processes of our construction projects. The dependencies between tasks are of utmost importance, but I’m encountering some challenges with the column dedicated to dependencies and how they are being managed. The activities that I should have been able to automate were:

  1. Activity A, which needs to be completed entirely before starting activity B.
  2. Activity A, which don’t need to be completed entirely before starting activity B. But activity B should begin 5 days after activity A. Or activity B should be completed at the same time as activity A.
  3. Activity A, which needs to be completed entirely 5 days before starting activity B.

The “strict” dependency doesn’t work well for me because, for example, when I set up an activity as described in case 2 above, the “5 days” restriction doesn’t remain when I push this activity on the Gantt chart (this is crucial for updating projected and achieved dates directly on Gantt chart). Are there any potential automated solutions that could provide assistance in this context?

Hello @vanessa.ambrosio,
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Unfortunately, the current dependency settings do not offer enough flexibility to structure your projects. You can therefore checkout the Date Check dependency feature which offers more options on how to work with dates and timelines.
Here is a demo on how the dependency feature works.

If you need any help, you can always reach out at

Hi @vanessa.ambrosio

If you need dependency support for all 4 know dependency types and lead/lag times, I would consider the app “SchedulerPro” from our friends ar Work Perfect.

In this example

task “Second” starts 5 working days after task “Start”. In:

  1. you specify the dependent on task(s)
  2. you specify SS, FS, FF, SF as dependency types
  3. specifies the duration (in working days)
  4. is the lag (in working days)

Working days can be defined in a view like this and includes holiday settings.

Hello, Alfred!

I will be obtaining the trial version to verify whether the app can solve my issue. Is it possible to extend the trial version for one month?

Thank you!

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