Sync Pulses Between Different Boards

We have several team members with their own boards and groups, in which they focus their attention.

It is quite common that team members will assign a project to someone else or tag someone else, while creating the pulse on their own board (not the team member who is tagged or assigned). For visual organization, it would be fantastic if there was an option to sync a pulse to someone else’s board/group.

This would help us even further to ensure that items are not missed or forgotten. I understand that there is the calendar view, which shows all assigned projects, but this does not include tagged items. The calendar view is an extra step that not all of our employees are diligent enough to remember.

I find myself often having to manually create the duplicate and then marking both items as completed. Because my pulses are tracked and monitored, it is important that if someone tags me in a different pulse (on a different board) that it also exists on my own board, so that it can be discussed with my daily reviews of my work.

Hi @musicforte - welcome to the community. There are a number of ways you could tackle this. The easiest way would be to use the My Work function that will show you tasks assigned to you across boards.

You could also use connected boards and mirroring along with a set of automations to send tasks to other boards and keep in sync, but this may get convoluted depending on how many personal boards everyone would need to sync to.

Another option would be to send tasks to a central task board and utilize dynamic views to filter out only tasks assigned to you (this would depend on your required visibility constraints).

There are also apps like VLOOKUP Auto Link that can help with this.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out anytime.