Task status for multiple tasks owners only via sub item?

Hello , quick questions ; We like to use monday to give tasks to team members (between 5 and 10 people in each task). what is the best setup to have the task status visible by each team member and to avoid that one team member set’s the task to done the task status changes for everyone … ? It cant be the only solution to split each task into 10 subtask (copy paste 10x ) for each team member to get an individual status and repeat this for each task ? And second, is there a way to always add the same 10 people to a task without each time manually pick them out of a long name list ? Many thanks for any suggestion

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Hey @bhirsch - to your second question first. You could add an automation that assigns each individual to a task when its added in a specific board:
ie: When item is created assign A then assign B then assign C…etc.

The issue I see here, is that if this needs to occur on multiple boards you will need to recreate the automation on each board. Also, if the list of users changes you will need to update the automation.

To the first question, you could again use an automation to create 10 subitems:
When item is created, create a subitem, then create a subitem, then create a subitem, etc… each one assigned to a single user.

Then use the automation: When all subitems have a status of Done, change item’s status to Done.

This again brings up a management question if this is changing periodically. I personally would have a separate board that lists out the users to be assigned, then write a make.com scenario to loop through the users to create the subtasks on item creation in whatever boards are needed. This way you manage the list in one spot in case things change.

Hope this helps, and if you ever need a hand reach out anytime.

Some time ago we created an app to create an item (in a different board) for each person assigned to that item. This could be easily recoded to create a subitem for each person assigned to the parent item. In that scenario you only need one automation on the board, something like:

When this status changes to this value, create a subitem for each person in this column and assign the subitem in this column, set the status in this column to this value.

the first 3 variables are taken as input from the parent item and the last 3 variables are to define the columns in the subitems.

Would this work for you? Let me know so we can make that addition to the app.