The purpose of Groups within Boards?

We have a frequently repeated task that has four parts, each handled by a different person.
I’ve made Board Alpha the board where the initial item is added when a new task comes in.

Through automation, this creates new tasks (assigned to different people) in Boards Beta, Gamma, and Delta.
In each of these Boards, I’m using Linking and Mirrors to bring the appropriate data from Board Alpha into a Group in the other Boards.

One Board, Board Gamma, has multiple Groups, as it covers a task that can originate from different sources.
I wanted Board Gamma’s Group 1 to be linked to Board Alpha, but I wanted Board Gamma’s Group 2 to be linked to Board Theta (a different source for the same task execution).

It seems that I can’t create unique columns in different Groups within a Board.
Is this correct?
If so, what use are the different Groups within a single Board, if the Board represents a specific type of task, but I can’t feed new task items into that Group from different Board sources?

Do I have to create unique Boards even if they handle the same task (e.g. Sending Email Campaigns) just because some campaigns originate from an Event project, and some campaigns originate from a publishing project?

Including a screenshot showing the fact that I have to have the same columns in two different groups, even though the two groups do not need the same information depending on the source (indicated in red).

Hi @tjb - you are correct, groups cannot have varying column layouts between them. One thing we have done in the past when boards are being used for multiple functions with some columns not needed for some teams is to setup new views to hide/show the applicable columns.

Groups can be used for anything, but mainly a way to split data between key data points (statuses, phases, priorities, customers, due dates, etc.).

monday will shortly be re-releasing its Dynamic Grouping functionality as well which allows for data on boards to be grouped by most column types. This does not however change the rules around columns within groups.


Thanks, I feel like our needs are actually too simple, and was overdesigned for things we have no need for.