The Update Feed (Inbox!)

:envelope_with_arrow: We have revamped and simplified the Inbox :envelope_with_arrow:

Cast your :eyes: on some of the updates and changes below:

  1. New name :sparkles: Update Feed (Inbox) :sparkles:
  2. New Inbox settings: You can now control which boards will appear in their Inbox, including the option to remove birthdays and new members.
  3. New layout to support the new features.
  4. New and improved option to :exclamation: clear all updates :exclamation:

Need more information? Check out the link here → The Update Feed (Inbox)

I’ve noticed that the notification bubble on the Update Feed is significantly delayed. Is this due to the updates?
I’ll only realize to check the Update Feed because I’ll have “x” # of bell notifications with 0 inbox notifications until AFTER I click into it.