Time Tracking Widget not displaying data if People column selected

Hi all, I am learning my way around the Time Tracking Widget but have encountered some behaviour that I don’t think is normal. Hoping somebody can tell me if this behaviour is expected and if it isn’t how to resolve it.
I have added a Time Tracking Widget to a Chart View in a test Board that contains a Time Tracking Column and some logged time.
When I add the Time Tracking Widget to the Chart, it will only display any data if I select the Item name as the “specific column” in the TT Widget. If I select the People column (yes, person is assigned to the Item) then it shows zero data.
(Likewise for Connect Board and Mirror Columns in the Board but I suspect that is normal).
I know the Time Tracking Widget is pretty limited in the data it can display/way it can display it, but I believe it’s meant to be able to display logged time against People.
Any ideas if this behaviour is normal and if not how to resolve it?
Link to screen capture video here Time Tracking Widget only displaying if Item selected not people

Hey Patrick,

Sorry you’re running into some issues here… I have investigated internally and it appears that the setup for the Time tracking widget/view will be a little different depending on the use of the widget on a dashboard view or in a regular dashboard within the board - let me walk you through it!

If the Time Tracking widget is located within the board, only two settings will appear: the ‘choose time tracking column’ and ‘choose a specific column’. For this to work at a board level, you will need to select the “Time tracking session” in “choose an specific column” If the people column is selected, it won’t work.

If the Time Tracking widget is located on the dashboard, three settings will appear to ‘choose time tracking column’ , ‘choose a specific column’ and to ‘choose a column type to group by’. If you select “people” on the group by option and then people column on “choose a specific column” this should work at a dashboard level…

Can you let me know if this helps/resolves the issue you’re running into? :pray: