Time Tracking Widget question - what is the "Choose a specific column" for?

Hey all, just getting more famililar with the Time Tracking Widget (in a Chart View) and there’s something I haven’t wrapped my head around…
What is the “Choose a specific column” option for and why we need it?

I have set up a dummy Tasks Board with a Time Tracking Column and time tracking data logged in this Column. If I choose any option other than “Time Tracking sessions” in the choose a specific column field, the Chart is empty. If I choose Time Tracking sessions the chart displays time tracking data.

My question is what does this field do? And why does it allow me to select a Status Column or People Column if doing so shows no time tracking data?
In short, I don’t get it, Hoping somebody can point me in the right direction.
Cheers, Patrick


The “Choose a specific column” option in the Time Tracking Widget will allow to select which column on your board you want the widget to display time tracking data for.
By default, the widget will only display data from the Time Tracking column.
if you’re not seeing any data when you select the Status column or the People column in the “Choose a specific column” field. This is because the Time Tracking widget is not designed to display time tracking data from those columns

you will need to use a different widget, such as the Status Widget or the People Widget.
Status Widget can display data from the Status column, including time tracking data if it is logged in that column and People Widget can display data from the People column, including time tracking data if it is logged in that column.

Hope its helpful to u.

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