Track Productivity by Day

I am using monday for production tracking in a manufacturing shop and currently have my board organized around purchase orders. I am working with large purchase orders where it will take up to a week to produce the parts the order requests, I would like to be able to record how many parts my shop produces each day towards the total tally. Has anyone ever tried doing anything similar or have any good ideas to build it.

Hello Kristofer :wave:,

Without more detail about the board I’ll make some assumptions and provide a suggestion based on them, so forgive me if I’m a little off base.

It sounds like you are asking the question “How many parts are produced per day?” on a board where items are Purchase Orders.

One way to collect the data to answer that question is to make sure the board is actually capturing the count of parts plus with what day that count was taken. You can indicate the number of parts using a numbers type column, and a date column to indicate when that count was taken.

So, each purchase order item would have a new number column where the user would input the count of parts when they arrive (let’s call that “Parts Produced”), and a new date column for that day to indicate parts produced that day (let’s call that “Production Date”).

The “Production Date” could either be set by the user when they enter the number as part of a standardized process, or it could be configured to automatically be set using an automation (something like “when column updated then set date to today”).

If the main item would be too busy, consider collecting this data using its subitem columns instead.

You can then visually analyze the data using a chart. A bar chart or line graph with an X axis of the “Production Date” viewed by day, and Y axis of the count of “Parts Produced” will visualize the data points. Make sure to select the “Cumulative Data” checkbox and add a Benchmark Line with the goal/ total expected tally.

Customize what you see in the graphs further by changing from count to average, or view the graph by month, quarter, or year to get a higher level understanding of production.

I hope this is helpful! If you should want more customized support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Shawna at Launch Point

Hi Shawna, thankyou for the response. I think I am following what you are saying, I just have one question - What if I need 5 days of production to produce the parts required, would your solution require 5 different date columns and 5 different numbers columns to capture that data. Also, how are the date and numbers columns linked, so that a particular production number is linked to a particular date.

Hi Kris,

It sounds like I made an incorrect assumption about how items are on your boards. A customized recommendation would take a bit more discussion and time. Send me an email at and Dafne will be in touch to get that discussion scheduled.

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Shawna from Launch Point

–If you should want more customized support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

we are using for similar purpose. i am sharing a screen shot of my board.

This is what I came up with in the end, the welder lists daily production at the subitem level. I can then pull this data and graph it and track it across time.