Trigger: "When an item is deleted"

Hey there :wave:
I have a suggestion: it would be great to have a trigger in the app framework when item is deleted.
In our inventory app, it would help to synchronize our QR codes with items.
Is it something that is on the roadmap?

+1 for me

I did requested this in another thread but can’t seem to find it anymore. Glad to see it re-appearing :slight_smile:


Hi @jeromeskiply and @basdebruin,

I would be more than happy to submit your feedback about this built-in trigger capability! I do think that you can create something similar using our “Status change” trigger or the “When an item is moved to a group” trigger as well.

Regarding synchronizing your QR codes with your items, we do have an app that can get this done! It’s the Skiply QR Code app:

I would definitely recommend checking this out if you’re interested.


Hi @Helen :wave:,
Thank you for your suggestions! I’m the lead developer of the Skiply App, and I can confirm it is a - very - cool App :smiley:
With @basdebruin we have a pure developer issue with this feature, in order to help our users to have a bidirectional sync with the apps.



That’s amazing! It’s very nice to meet you. And ahh okay, I see what you’re saying.

Feedback submitted!


Hi folks,

I searched for this and couldn’t find anything, and then once I started drafting a new topic I saw this one as a suggestion. Good auto-searching, bad human searching.

Am I correct in thinking that there are no existing ways to trigger a notification or other automation when an item is deleted?

This would be useful for us from a supervision/auditing point of view. There are certain procedures that I need my team members to carry out before deleting items from a certain board. It would be great to get notifications so that I could periodically review their work and ensure that they are following the SOP.

If there were more robust automations available, or if a deleted item could trigger a webhook, then I could probably set it up so that my team didn’t even need to do these tasks manually :slight_smile:


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