Trying to setup a basic workflow

I’m finding there is way too many options and articles that seems to have forgotten about those of us who are simple businesses, with simple needs and those needs gets buried in 20 other suggestions in a single guide.

I just want a simple workflow and then expand on it as needed. The problem is that can do a million things, and take every opportunity to do so, but that means I have to wade through those millions of things to try and hopefully find the one thing I am looking for. OH, and their help videos are now out of date, so when they ‘click here’ but ‘here’ no longer exists…that’s a problem.

My business is a one-person show(right now), that will be producing 3D printed prototypes. Here’s what I believe I need right now in a simplified workflow overview:

1/ Meet Potential client. Record details/contact info.
2/ Create quotes for said clients. Track everything within same system.
3/ Start Production from quotes. Move quote to Production.
4/ Close invoice. Finish production, send finalized invoice.

Thus far I have not found any easy articles that can accommodate that. Every, single, article has 20 other options that I can’t even find how to setup basic needs. IU’m fumbling around and drowning in ‘help’ articles and the information within.

1/ I think I finally figured out how to setup contact records.
2/ I’ve been able to add in ‘Quotes & Invoices’ but I have no idea how to get it to always add in my company information. Seems rather odd that this isn’t done by default.
3/ What I’ve not figured out yet is now to get a quote moved to Production, and then have that automatically send an email to the client that his project has started (ideally, I wan tot be able to update the client for each stage necessary, so automations will have to be used somehow).
4/ And of course once a production project is marked as done, send out a final(if any) invoice with a balance due(if any). Again, I believe this is some sort of automation setup.

To me, this is to be a very basic workflow that would be used everywhere but so far, it’s been grinding to get it to even the first step. I’d say this would be ‘complex’ once I have a sales team working and multiple locations of the business but other than that, the steps above should be considered the very basic of a skeleton structure for a production company and so far, the hardest thing to setup.

Hey @DragonDon ~ Welcome to the Community :wave: is indeed completely customizable and we’ve built our resources based on real use cases from our users, but I can understand your feelings about trying to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Another great spot to check for templates made for specific use cases outside of our Templates Center would be our Stories!

For example, here’s two potential templates that if adjusted a bit, might be helpful for your workflow based on what you’ve shared:

For our Quotes & Invoices, you should only need need to add these details once for it to be reflected in the “Bill from:” fields on this board and the “Bill to” will populate based on the information within the columns of the item itself.

To share these invoices, you can follow the steps in this article under the section “Preview and Share”, but we don’t have an internal automation set up to share this at the moment: Quotes & Invoices on

As for the moving of the item, would this automation be what you’re looking for?:

I would also recommend writing into with more details and some screenshots of what you have built and we can go from there! (Please include a link to this post when you write in so they can take a look at well).

On the other hand, we understand that you might want to have someone build your personalized account/board structure, train your team, or even create custom integrations on your behalf. Our amazing certified partners can offer you these and other professional services.

To request a quote and learn more, please feel free to fill out this form so they can contact you – typically they will be in touch within 7 business days. If you prefer, you can also browse our Partners Directory and reach out to them directly :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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It look like this post here Trying to setup a basic workflow - #2 by jennap might have answered your question, is that correct?

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