Use Forms to edit/update existing items and columns

Please consider this feature for the 4th anniversary of this feature request!
This is definitely a need to be able to use forms to edit/update items.

+1 on the need for this. Having to have multiple columns for the same data due to conditions is very clumsy, and when combined with the horizontal layout of the board, it is far from ideal.

It really doesn’t feel like a big lift to implement this, in fact it seems like it should be table stakes.

I appreciate the existing features and control I have in, but…

I’m surprised that users, whether small business owners or large corporations, are tolerating the lack of support on such a vitally necessary feature.

How can we make our voices and requests be heard more loudly and clearly?

How are new features prioritized?

Hi community, I am excited to share that we are working on using to forms to update existing items and columns! While we do not have an exact date for this release, it is on our upcoming roadmap and I will update when it is released.

Thank you for all your feedback and helping our team understand the importance of this feature for our customers. We look forward to seeing more of your ideas

If you have not read about our new feature request process, now is your chance:


Hi Cathleen,

Your feedback is very important to our team, which is why we revamped our feature request process and create a new system to update the community with the status of top voted feature, as we did with this feature.

You can read more about the status and the new process below.

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Thanks, Juliette. I see on the Feature Request process description that once a feature request (that is currently in the “Long-term roadmap”) has been given an “exact release date we will update this status.” This feature appears to have been updated from Long-term to “On Roadmap.” Presumably that means a release date has been assigned. Is it possible to share when that release date is?

Pasted from the Process page:

On roadmap - This feature is already in the works and will be released in the near future.

Long-term roadmap - We are in the early stages of developing this feature, but at the moment do not have an exact release date. Once we have an exact release date we will update this status.

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@Julietteb, see above /\

Is there any ETA on this feature? I just had this very conversation with your support team and submitted it as a new topic (Sorry, I should have read these more carefully).

Is this a React hook thing? What tools is the form feature built in and how is its GUI being returned / styled? I Wappalyzed your stacks but there’s a lot there, and I’m kind of a newb. If I know what it’s built and styled with, maybe I can help you guys come up with a solution?

In a perfect world, if the columns could just be viewed as interactive fields, as searchable and editable as the table view but with a more form-like GUI, that would be awesome.

In our use-case: the subcomponent contractors just want to interact with the data THEY need, and it’s the side-scrolling that’s getting to them. It would also allow us as an org to take inputs like procurement details, filter that data, and generate sign-offs for clients. That’s in the Needs file, but the Wants file would also allow for more styling than the current form response viewer allows. I love the Logo thing, and the print to PDF is priceless. If it had the option to be styled a bit more, that would be great.

One thing I would consider, instead of creating a form as one view, and creating the viewer as another, I would build both onto a toggle: one being the interactive form which uses input fields to put data into or edit the columns of an exiting item, the other showing the final styled view that the pdf would look like. The PDF publishing view could offer some limited styling choices.

Anyway, that’s the dream :smile:

I hope this is considered a useful thing by the majority.


Just checking if you have an ETA for this feature?


Hi @Julietteb - Any update on this? Thanks!

The main limitation here is with anonymous and non-account member forms - there will need to a way to access an item in a form view without being able to log into the account.

Forms for submission generate data and submit to the form engine that adds to the board. However, getting that data to a form is another matter - esp. securely. They will need to implement some sort of opaque token, and a URL for the item, and an entirely new view that exists outside of the authenticated space. There would also need to be something in place to disseminate that URL, either after submission, or via automation.

So there is way more that is part of this than just presenting an item as a form view.