Using API v2 with Integromat/Zapier - for Non Devs

Hey there,

I’m a non dev, and just wanted to post this as I’ve spent the last 3-4 days on and off working out how to get the v2 API working with my automations in Integromat and thought some other non devs might like to do the same.

While we wait for Integromat and Zapier to update their options for the new API v2, you can use standard HTTP modules in both Integromat (and Zapier (untested)) to simply push the data in yourself.

I’m not a dev. I’ve never written a line of code in my life, but with the monday dev docs, and some mucking around in Integromat, I now have multiple mutations happening, with all sorts of column data types that you could not do with v1.

Developer Docs v2
Finding Column ID’s

I’ll attach a couple of screenshots in the post below, but the key piece of code that got me going is below:

{"query":"mutation change_column_value($value: JSON!) {\n change_column_value(board_id: {{36.board_id}}, item_id: {{}}, column_id: \"long_text6\", value: $value) {\n id\n }\n}","variables":{"value":"{\"text\": \"{{25.value}}\"}"}}


You can use API v2 right now in Zapier and Integromat
Use the HTTP POST request to send your request to Monday
Start simple, and build up your automation complexity as you figure out what parts to edit
Celebrate when your first automation works!



This is great! Thanks for sharing it with us @andyroo182.
We are working with Zapier and Integromat to get those integrations ready soon for all other non-devs out there :slight_smile:

Will the v1 API remain available after Integromat begins supporting v2 to give customers time to prepare and make changes to business critical scenarios? :thinking:

Hey Ben, yes indeed! We’ll give you plenty of heads up to ensure you can migrate any applications to the new API.

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