Using Calculation results in Automations

hello all

2 pieces of information needs to be combined, and inserted in the NAME field in another board using automation. I am using this automation block.

The info that needs to be combined are name+id. in my example its like … MSUB12000413 and AA. I use a FORMULA field and the CONCATENATE({Name},{Code}) function to create the combined result.

The ITEM part of this automation lets you specify what information goes into the various columns in the target board.

The problem is … I am not able to select a FORMULA column as the source for the info to populate the Name field in the other board.

Any ideas on how to achieve this ?

Regards Nils

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I recently ran into this issue and Automations do not currently support formula columns.

There is a relatively simple in-app workaround though. Use the General Caster App - General Caster is here. Get rid of formula columns!
You should be able to find them in the App Marketplace now but I’ve been using it since open beta.

It’s pretty simple and works similar to the formula column but your results are put into a basic column like Text or Numbers which can then be used by Automations and Integrations.

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Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: Nils