Viewing all Critical items across Boards in one place

Hello. We have multiple Boards in our setup that have the exact same columns. Think of this as departmental task lists. What I’m trying to do is build a Board or a Dashboard that will surface all items marked Critical in the Priority column across Boards so that all Critical items will appear on one list we can review during our daily standups.

I don’t want to create copies of these Critical tasks, I just want to view them in one master Board or Dashboard. The items would still live in their respective boards, but I’d like to see them in one place.

What’s the best way to accomplish this? We are on the Standard plan. If this is something I can only do with the Pro plan, we would consider upgrading, but my preference would be to find a solution using the Standard plan. Thank you.

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I believe a dashboard might be your best option, however on a dashboard all of the boards information is kept separate on the same page. Even if all of the columns on all of the boards are the same, they can not be combined and appear separated with headers even when doing a search or using a filter.
For us we use this for orders, it is nice to see how many orders each company has…
It is also nice to use widgets to create graph views at the bottom of a dashboard

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