Views - remove bottom row in wich are present the data summerized for each column

Views - remove bottom-down row in wich are present the data summerized for each column

Hi @Matteo.Roetto! Are you referring to the summary row I’ve outlined in red? Did you want the ability to remove this summary row?

Hello Bianca,
yes, exactly that, thanks. it’s possible?

Can I take advantage and ask you something else? It is possible to send, with gmail integration, emails to multiple recipients in “to” and in “cc”?

Many thanks

You can actually deactivate the board footers feature via monday.labs!

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

As for your second question, you can define multiple emails in a Text Column separated by “;” and the email will be sent to each of those emails separately. You can define the values (the email addresses) of the Text column like this: ; You just need to ensure you have chosen the text column when building the recipe:

As an alternative, if you’d like to cc or bcc contacts, I’d instead recommend looking into Emails & Activities on which is available through our CRM product. The app allows you to also track and log all emails within one place :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

Hello Bianca,
thank you for your response.
In relation to this, I report that the feature is already disabled following your instructions (but apparently it doesn’t work):


Could you have any other suggestions?

Many thanks

Hi @Matteo.Roetto my sincerest apologies - can you please instead try activating this feature instead? :pray:

Hi @BiancaT - I tried this, but it did not resolve it for me. Any other suggestions?

Can you try hiding the column summary for the specific columns and let me know if this works?

It removes the summary from our data entered in Monday, but not the actual table or row. I still see this:


Ah I see what you’re referring to here - apologies I thought this was in reference to the specific data that populates that summarised row. I am afraid that this empty row isn’t currently removable at this time. I encourage you to share this request with others to increase visibility and votes :pray:

Please add the ability to remove this row


@BiancaT - I did the hide add on you mentioned here, but it still exports them with the footers. Is this intended to keep them when exported in excel?

Hey Mckenzie!

If you deactivate this setting in monday.labs can you confirm if the footers still appear in the export?

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at 12.56.52 pm

Yes they do still appear in the export but not in the UI screen.

The footers still appear for me regardless of how this feature is set. This would be such a helpful feature both for visual tidiness and as a time saver. Hiding the summary for each column individually can be time consuming.

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This definitely needs to be an option!