When button is click on a board, send an email from the user who clicked the button

I searched for a solution for this but couldn’t find one. I have a board with a button that when clicked sends an email. Since I was the one creating the automation the emails are sent from my mailbox but what I need is that the email is sent From the mailbox associated to the user who pressed the button. Is this possible ?

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Hi Nuno,

I don’t know of a way to do this natively in monday.com.

Part of the reason this is a challenge is because of account permissions. Integrations are set up with specific accounts and they are not designed to choose an account dynamically. You could set this up via an integration in Make, say, or Zapier.

Here’s an alternative that just uses one app, (column magic monday.com: Apps Marketplace)

  1. Configure column magic so that the button assigns the acting user to a person column. (this will be the account we use)
  2. Then you need to create custom automations like this:

Obviously in this case, assign the email to Francis Elliott’s account. You’ll need to duplicate this custom automation and change the “and only if” condition for each different user, along with the email account, for every person who you want to be able to send an email.

As with many problems in monday.com, there are always many approaches, and a consultant could definitely create something a little more generic and easy to maintain (It might be tiring to update the email content for all these automations, if that’s something you need to do regularly for instance). However, this solution will work and it’s quick and easy enough that you can probably implement it yourself.

Hope that helps!

Hi Francis, thanks for this. So column magic allows to assign an acting user? If so, this might do the trick. I will test and come back with the result.

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There is a little free app called Assign To Me that does assign the person who clicked the button to a people column.

The app presents itself as an action in the custom automations and can be installed by this link: monday.com: Where Teams Get Work Done

Did not know about this! Cool.

For clarity, I have no association with Column Magic, or any other monday.com app.

Ok, so after testing it I think I misunderstood the initial idea. This works if I create the automation in all of the accounts that I want to send emails from. That’s acceptable, although a bit hard to do on everyone’s account. As an admin I could be able to create automations and associate them to each person. In any case your workaround could be an option so I will mark as a solution.