Work Around for Subitem Email Sending

Hello-- we are struggling with a board of ours notifying us correctly.

So the way we use it is like this
The Item is a mirror of our main board showing us projects. We are using this new board to track payment to instructors. So the Item name corresponds with an item in the main board. The first column is a 2 way connection back to the main board, the other columns are all mirrors of the main board.

Then subitems are our instructors. The title is the name of the instructor then I have a connection to a separate board that has the instructors info because we use the same instructors often for our projects. So we have a connection and some mirror columns in the sub items. In the sub items we track how much we are paying somebody and when we enter that data in our back end. This helps us keep track of budgets for this project.

We need help with the following

  • Every month on the 10th if subitem person is blank and if subitem date is blank then Notify Team
  • When subitem status changes to something email to (email of connected board)
  • When Subitem Person is assigned email to (email of connected board)

I think those are all the things but damn I feel like I am really flexing the possibilities of automations at this point.

Please note I am open to creating new boards or whatever the hell I gotta do to get this working.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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Hello @aza.rose !

Unfortunately monday automations still have some limitations , which do apply in your case.

Mondays native integrations with Gmail and Outlook do not allow as triggers the use of subitems ( changing a status or assigning someone in your case).

Your first need (every month…) is possible to achieve through monday automations, though somewhat complex. If you want to, I would be glad to dedicate some time to record a Loom for you to demonstrate how to achieve this.

For the other two, either an account restructuring would be needed or the use of a platform like

If you are interested in any of these , our team has extensive experience in both, and we would be glad if you want to schedule a free consulting call with us here.

In any case, let me know regarding your first ask!

Best Regards,
Giannis, Implementation Consultant at