Zendesk Integration for Sales Teams

Hello, monday.com community,

We thought of writing a short article on how our team found some great use cases between monday.com and Zendesk. We wanted to showcase how to facilitate communication between a support team and any other department. As some of you might know Zendesk is a ticketing platform that helps improve and manage relationships between customers and organizations.

In our scenario, the head of sales has noticed that the growth of new accounts has been declining for the past two quarters. After some extensive research, he/she noticed that the Customer Support department had no easy and seamless ways of relegating critical information to the sales team about potential leads, and the sales team had no access to Zendesk.
The head of sales decided to use Monday.com as a hub and remembered that they offered a robust integration with Zendesk.
In this scenario the head of sales wanted to be able to:

  • Automatically populate leads in monday.com when tickets include specific High and Low-level tags.

We started by selecting the right recipe (When a ticket tag is something create an item) that would allow to automatically populate the new lead board, you will be asked to enter your Zendesk subdomain account name. For a detailed way on how to connect both accounts, you can click right here.

When selecting which data will be mapped into each column, the integration column will be added automatically with the tip that will explain the column purpose, to maintain the connection between the parameters in both apps
After a few tests, this is what our board ended up looking like. We decided to divide the board into 3 main groups (Awaiting Review, Qualified, Disqualified) to keep the information relevant and tidy.


This integration allowed the sales team to centralize all potential leads and account management information into one board while allowing the customer support team to be engaged in the growth of the company.
We are convinced that this integration is a game changer for organizations that wish to offer a complete and total customer service across their organization.

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