Accidental Mass Updates - An easier way to restore data/ prevent mass update errors from occuring

My organization has had multiple issues with our administration team accidentally mass updating columns and not realizing it. It would be extremely helpful if developed a Mass Update archive feature. This would be similar in nature to the exiting ability to restore deleted items and archived items except it would store all of of the previous values that were part of a mass update and allow users to restore those values in the click of a single button. Currently If one misses the opportunity to click the undo button the only option is to export the changes that were made in error to excel from the activity log, clean the data to only include the prior values, and then import the values back into the board. This is time consuming and opens the door for human error.

An alternative feature enhancement would be to replace the undo button with a preemptive “Are You Sure You Want To Update All Rows” button which would be an alert to the user that they have changed certain data in mass as opposed to the undo button which appears after the changes have been made. This would be a preemptive mistake mitigating feature.

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The first feature request is most relevant, “Undo/Restore Board to a certain time”.

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