Add attachments to email integrations

Hello Julia, in our case we want the client to complete a form. We generate a PDF with the information of that form and we want to automatically send that PDF as an attachment or a link that can be opened without need to be a Monday user. From what I read here we are all in the same situation. I know you don’t have the solution but we have to put pressure on someone to get that feature done.


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Hello, any update when an attachment can be included in an email integration?

Adding myself to the list of people who would like this feature added

+1 Why is this so difficult to implement?


Hi !
Any update on this? Is it coming in the near future?
Even if I were to just create a template email, the attachments do not carry over to the template. Just the body of the email is saved.

Any way to make our processes less repetitive clicking would be much much appreciated!

+1! We would also need this feature