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@Eiti email notifications can be configured, but as yet there is not a notifications api inside of monday that we can hook into.

@flobau Just had a quick try of the chat app Florian. Some quirks:

  • When I tried in an incognito window in Chrome, the Chat View would appear for less than a second and then disappear.
  • In the normal Chrome browser, the smiley window seemed to get stuck and only goes away when you send the text.
  • The send button is in the righthand bottom corner, but it is often covered by the Monday black coloured icon looking like a hat, unless you click it away.
    This app is otherwise a welcome addition because I am trying to keep all conversations about a particular project in the designated project Monday space, but we do need to have private conversations that we think the client doesn’t need to know.

Hello, Unfortunately, I don’t see this or the first way of adding this. Has it been removed again? I seem to have successfully installed it by clicking the button here: chat - Tomorrow's Tools - Multi-Board filter for Monday.c

@Ivor there are installation instructions in this thread, just a few posts back: Chat & Messaging - #32

Give that a try and reach out if you still need some help - happy to host a zoom call and walk you through things!

Thanks, I got it installed. It wasn’t clear from the above that you need first to click on that button on the page linked in one of the earlier posts here by one of you, and then add it via the menus you discuss in later posts. That worked for me at least.

Is there any further news on native chat within monday?


Yes @JTL I am also curious about that.
I shortly tested the chat tool and although it offers a solution it won’t replace Slack which makes it just another way of chatting on top of all the chat tools we already use (like Monday, but that’s limited to chat within an item).
Beside that the integration of the external chat is to limiting.

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That’s what I like to see soon. I also use WhatsApp for one-one chat, it’s outside, Slack is also outside, so, why not have a one-stop shop?


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Another reason we need one on one chat inside


Our company would love to have and internal massaging/chat option. We have a lot of employees that go on the road and need to get ahold of their manager and it would be so nice to be able to go through Monday, an app they are already using, and message that person directly. It can get overwhelming trying to sort out all of the updates, jumping around board to board, it would be nice to go to a chat and get ahold of someone instantly.


Hey, better a late reply than none.

It seems that chrome disables writing on localstorage for apps in the “avoid thrid party cookie” settings: Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.

→ this app uses the key-value store of monday and uses localstorage to keep message drafts, so for now it only works when we can write to localstorage.
→ the other two points i will take a look at.

Thanks for the feedback

@monday team - what do I need to do that my plugin is listed on the monday appstore?

+1 for internal chatting. It’s so weird to me that I can’t just click on a team member’s name and send a quick private chat to them. Really a disrupter in workflow.

It’s a little disheartening to not really see any responses from Monday indicating there is even a chance of this any time soon…


@monday team - reminder for the info what I have to that my plugin is listed on the monday appstore?

+1 for an internal chat. I looove interface and feature and I’m frustrated to see that we will probably look elsewhere because chat is a real need for us and we want to centralize all things in terms of project and team management into one software (so slack is not an option, in addition, it add additionnal cost)


When is the chat coming?
This is such an important feature neither Slack nor Teams is the desired solution.

A chat inside monday would make monday irreplaceable!


Hi TheOtherPM, just checking - does Google Chat integrate with, or do you just use it separately?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

We use it separately and I don’t think there is an inbuilt integration.

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Have you tried the Board view called ‘Discussions’?
Click on ‘Add View’ - Apps - scroll down a bit.
I’ve just found it and we haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising - can have multiple threads going, etc.

The “Discussions” view is great, but it needs to also mirror any updates on specific pulses, or it becomes yet another place to look for where a conversation happened. If ALL discussion on a project shows in the Discussion view, there’s just one place to look.

In another topic thread I had suggested removing Inbox and turning notifications into a robust messaging and notifications center. That would be a great place to be able to see all of the messages coming in across monday, and click straight to the conversation.

If monday can do this well, and also allow DM threads, we could potentially ditch Slack. Human-to-Human communication is one of the most important areas for vastly improving this platform.