Creating Custom email template to send when status Changes

Hi, we just recently integrated CommuniHub to our Monday account in hopes of removing the need to be shifting from application to application (we use Outlook for emails). We love the fact you can send emails straight from Monday, however, when trying to create email templates, we can’t find a way to use our HTML templates. Not sure if there is a way to get this done… any suggestions?



I’m not sure the Communihub App supports importing your own HTML templates yet. Not sure if they plan on that or what an ETA would look like.

In the meantime, going the Integromat/Zapier route would allow full HTML customization though.


Thanks Andrew, we’ll check that out. It’d be great if CommuniHub added it, this way we can keep the app integrations at a minimum.

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@monday-team CommuniHub doesn’t offer the HTML sending that I’m looking for and Zapier doesn’t recognize the columns properly to allow for that integration.

Please update us when we may expect the update in integrations.

Has anyone seen an update to this question yet?

Have there been any developments with this at all? Looks to be a fairly common problem people are running into, including myself.

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It would be great to get an update about this. Customised HTLM emails would be a great way for us to engage with our clients directly from our Monday project boards. The ability to choose different templates based on the status change would be great too.


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Any update on this feature?

This discussion has been going on for a couple of years now. @monday-team @monday-moderators Do you have an update as of Oct 2022 on where customized HTML email stands?

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The most important thing why I’ve chosen Monday is the email templates. And now I sadly recognized that okay, I can make templates, but can’t automate them. I would pay the twice of our plan if it will work.

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Hey all! We hear you on this, and have followed up internally with our developers as to where customised HTML email stands at this current time. We will follow up here once we hear back with more information. Thanks for your patience!


Hi Bianca,

Has there been any updates on this feature yet? I too would love for the platform to enable this.


Hi @BiancaT

I still see no way to accomplish an automated email with html/WYSIWYG editor. I’m about to attempt with MS Power Automate which I really don’t want to do. Any update?


Hi Bianca! Do you have any updates on this?

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Thanks for your patience with me on this! I’ve heard back from one of our product leads who has confirmed that this is a feature they’re considering prioritising for the next Q :pray: I understand this isn’t a huge development but be assured that it is on their radar!


Any updates on adding a custom email template to automation

Hey @GreenRushByDesign!

As of now, I do not have a concrete update to provide however I do encourage you all to cast your vote on the feature request here as every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response and status update. As you can see this feature is currently under consideration, and we will be providing an update on any new developments once we receive an update from our product team :pray:

Hey Andrew,

I saw a thread where you talked about automatically sending templated emails using Zapier. Can you please give me some more info on it?

I am looking for a way to save templated emails and auto send them when a date column arrives. The important thing is I am using some of the column’s info on the emails and I’m not sure how to keep those info when saving a template somewhere else.

Thank you!

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Any updates on adding a custom email template to automation

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And still we are waiting - can you pleaes give an update