Include formula columns in automation recipes

Hi @J-Dog & @t.maciag - thanks for posting about this! At this time, the Formula column is not supported in integrations. Our team is aware of this request, and I would be happy to pass along your support for this functionality as well!

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any news on this? I have so many functions to implement that require simple formulas in emails…Looking at alternatives to Monday now as we really need this


I need this as well. For now I am using General Caster integration (which is in beta mode) and this works. But it would be so much better to be able to do this within without another automation running.


I also need this, please let us now what the status is of this issue.
I have seen posts from a year ago about this problem.

We are really looking forward for this feature too. Keep us updated please.

Any news, this would hem us

Thank you for clarifying Melissa - Given that it is not possible to include formulas in integrations. Is it possible to copy the value of a formula column into another column that is text type? Then include the text column in the email. I am trying to find a work around, the formula+email solution is the reason we are paying for the PRO plan. Your feedback will be appreciated. THANKS!


Hi @renova -

You could do this with General Caster app. DocuGen recommends it as a workaround for using formula column values as discussed here:

That is an awesome suggestion polishedgeek, thanks a lot! I have not tried it yet but I it looks like it could work. I will report back…

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General Caster worked great but it is not longer free, I get that not everything can be free but the subscription cost too much IMO. Now we are paying almost the same for the General Caster app than we are paying for Monday when all we need is the ability to include formula results in our emails. Monday team please advice!


I need exactly the same thing and it’s expensive general caster just to use that function. What do we know about the monday team, will a solution come?

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I’m facing the same issue and would love this functionality to be added. Frankly I am surprised that it has not been as of yet. Seems like such a useful function would be moved to top of priority list of improvements.

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Agreed! I need the same feature.

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This is a very simple and common problem. I have moved to a higher plan in order to use formulas but now I see they are not of much service. Please solve this problem or allow to use data from a reflected column on email automations.


Hello, advertises tons of automation features and can’t support the most important ones as described here in this thread. As a user, I don’t want to be dependent on other third-party tools to be able to use this trivial main function.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed, that this very important function" is not provided by as default. I would expected it for a professional PM software at least.
The sad thing is that the problem has now gone on for at least two years since the first requests, without offering an in-house solution to their users.


So no news about that??? We also need this feature please!

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Well, this is crucial to our operations . Any words on this feature?


I’m stuck with the dashboard I’m doing because of this issue. Are there any updates regarding this matter?

I’m stuck with the dashboard I’m doing because of this issue. Are there any updates regarding this matter? I wish we can get an update from the monday team

Really wish this was a feature! Like the original poster said two years ago(!): Seems like a no brainer.

So much of what I wanted to do on here apparently I can’t because of this. Switching to Smartsheet or something else if I can’t get this to work somehow