Link-Column with a Local Link (not Web-Link)

Hi everyone,

Our Issue:
We have many tasks that are associated with a large number of files. Those files are all saved on a local network-share. I want to be able to easily access that folder in Monday. It is not practical to attach every single file to a task (too many files, also they have to be accessible by other applications). I’d prefer to have a simple link to our local path, to be opened with Windows Explorer. The available “Link-column” does not work, as every link generated will start with a “http:” will therefore be opened in the browser.

It would be nice to have a column very similar to the link-column, but with a local path, e.g. “X:\project\customer1\”, that then opens in Windows Explorer.

Our Workaround:
We currently use a normal Text-column with the link as plain Text, so we can copy/paste it to Windows Explorer. This works, but feels a little clumsy, especially when the link is very long.


We would love the same feature. We’re currently using the exact same copy/paste workaround, and it’s definitely more time consuming.

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Along similar lines but somewhat more niche. I would really appreciate being able to link to Bentley ProjectWise. I work in the Rail Industry and there are all kinds of sensitivities about Intellectual Property and security around various types of information (e.g. Drawings). Monday is great for creating whatever workflow I want and managing issues but as a project we could get into trouble for allowing people to share certain information. ProjectWise is the defacto drawing management system for all Infrastructure Projects. ProjectWise links work fine in MS Word and Excel but that is because they are talking to the ProjectWise client application on the local PC. There is a work around that is a bit clunky. Save links into a .htm file (web page) and add to the files section of a pulse. Depending on your browser settings, clicking on the file will open up a new tab in which the link will work (becase the file has been downloaded to your PC as a temporary file). This works for local PC or local Network links.