Make chat conversation format more condensed like Slack's

I thought it would make the chat space a lot better if all the information like the name ,time and people viewed was condensed in one line instead of taking up like 3 all the time. We collaborate a lot in chats on slack and would like to move this over to Monday. Monday’s chat is super bulky compared to it. Not sure if there is already such a funtion?

Monday chat
Slack chat line

Hey @Dian94,

I like your request!

Can you let us know if our upcoming board discussions feature is along the lines of what you’re looking for? :pray:

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Hi @BiancaT , thanks for your response but I’m not entirely sure that solves the above issue that I raised. That would still be cool feature though and I would have to see how it fits in our way of working (:

So just to specify more on the initial post, the problem is not that we can’t chat in one space, the problem is that conversational messages in chat in general take physically too much screen real estate via line spacing and having information not just in one line. In the examples I provided of Slack you can see that they have the message post time, person name and the message in one text line. Monday is using 3 lines to achieve the same thing, wasting space ( whether browser is zoomed in or not)

I think you can save a lot of screen real estate and read through conversations a lot faster without scrolling much if everything was more compressed similar to Slack’s messaging format. Even if it was just a setting that would be ideal.

Again just to prove a point , it takes about half of my vertical screen just for 1 reply on message. Attached is a images of this with a 13inch macbook at 67% browser zoom. Even at 50 % it still takes half a screen but the text is tiny then. In comparison to slack’s in line format , slack would only need about 10%.

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Thanks so much for clarifying Dian - transparently, I somehow completely missed the screenshots - my apologies :pray:

I see exactly what you mean here and definitely recognise that there is room for improvement regarding our chat spacing and line formatting, particularly in comparison to a platform such as Slack. This is a great point and I hope we can in get some more eyes on this request, to get it on our developers radar!