Monday app with automations released

Two monday partners Excellent Team by @basdebruin and YvPM by @PedroM joined forces and developed a monday app with several integrations / automations. We get our inspirations to build these from feature request we often see in this community.

The current automations are:

  • Vote to Group, this moves an item to a specified group when it reaches a specified number of votes. It is great for gathering ideas and to automatically put the top voted ideas into a separate group in your board.

  • AutoID column. A feature request we often see is to have a unique number for each item on a board (not being the itemid). This automation does exactly that: you can specify the number layout, the starting number and the preceding text and the automation creates the unique id. Great for numbering invoices (INV-1001) or ideas (IDEA-001) or anything else you can think of.

The frontend of these apps are created with monday apps and the necessary backend is developed in NodeJS and runs on a dedicated webserver.

The features of this app are detailed in our shop at and soon you will also find small videos how these automations work. On the same site you well find the share link to add the app into your own account,

By default all automations has a free trial period of 10 days. As an introduction we currently offer a 30 days free trial period.

If you have any ideas for likewise automations, just let us know by:


Great job, @basdebruin!

Another automation feature is added to the app. Simply change a status and the Start and End dates will be converted to a Timeline column.


Today we released two brand new features in our Excellent Team app. Here are the configuration sentences.

Both features are designed for scenarios where you have a master board (1 item describing the detailed (project) board) and any number of detailed boards. This add master - detail relationship to

The Detailed boards contains a [MatchID] in the board title and the master board contains a column holding the MatchID’s for the detailed boards. The recipe(s) are added and configured to the detailed boards. When a change occurs on either a status or a number column in the detailed board the recipe sends (depending on which recipe you configured):

  • The % of status (e.g. Done) within the selected group of the detailed board
  • The average number of a column within the selected group of the detailed board

Use cases: get an overview of the % of completion (status) or get the average satisfaction for a project when the project manager sends a satisfaction survey form to his stakeholders. You can achieve the same kind of functionality with dashboards views, but is some cases building a dashboard is too much or you hit the maximum number of boards in a dashboard.

If you come up with more columns that can be reported to a master you get a 50% discount on the next feature :slight_smile:

Happy detailing

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Hi Bas,

We are starting to collect app nominations for the upcoming beta phase of the marketplace - let me know if this is of interest to you.


Hi @amir

Thank your for the notice. Indeed I saw the announcement and I would be very keen to enter the beta phase of the marketplace. However, I promised my users a new version of my apps on August 28th and that is stiil the plan. Due to a confirmed bug in my app will be limited in functionality until this gets resolved. With that uncertainty it would be better for all of us if I do not enter the beta phase yet. Hope to join you soon when the “multiple custom field in one recipe” bug is solved.

Hi @basdebruin - got your point and sent you an email to discuss.


Hi, this sounds really neat! I’ve added the app from the marketplace, and then I found the integration. Do I need both activated to use this automation?

hi @Cait
Please DM me with an email address so I can walk you through the setup

With the release of the fantastic marketplace we discussed out apps with the monday marketplace team. Our apps are now available in the marketplace as separate apps as opposed to our first idea to put all integrations in one app.

Therefore the single app as mentioned here will be replaced.

When you already use the single app which contains all recipes, you can change to the separate apps by deleting the single app and install the separate apps from the marketplace. Of course your purchase history is maintained. Somewhere in Q4 2020 we will unpublish the single app and it can’t be used. The list op apps is extending and can be found in the marketplace, on our website at or through these links:

The Master-Detail app is undergoing a major redesign to make it easier to use and to allow different templates for detailed boards. The new version will be release before the end of 2020.

@amir @Ben